Oscillation at Oakland Avenue

Lights! Families! Oakland!

Giant crystals that come alive through movement. Oscillation is an interactive installation that uses sight, sound, and movement to spark community activity and social interaction through play.

The installation acts somewhat like a theremin, an unusual musical instrument that you can play without touching it. As you walk toward the piece, it plays different sounds and pitches depending on your distance from it. And as you move and dance around it, colors reflect and refract light in different ways based on your angle and position.

Oscillation is made up of five parts that are deconstructed from a solid cube using a Voronoi algorithm.

Where: 200 block of Oakland Avenue
When: October 16th - October 31st
Cost: FREE and open to all! 

Osciallation: Oakland, Pittsburgh (USA), 2021
Creator and Owner: The Urban Conga
Tour Producer: Creos