CA Ventures at 3500 Forbes Project

Chicago-based CA Ventures recently received approval from the Pittsburgh Planning Commission to redevelop what is currently a vacated former Marathon convenience mart at 3500 Forbes Ave. into a new 10-story apartment building expected to take up much of a block, total 296 units and reach 102 feet high.

CA Ventures at 3500 Forbes Project Proposal

From post-gazette:

"The Pittsburgh Planning Commission cleared the way for the start of a 10-story apartment building in Oakland on Tuesday after the developer reached a deal with a project opponent on part of the design.

Chicago-based CA Ventures reduced the height of a “jut out” at the back of the building at 3500 Forbes Ave. by two stories, or about 20 feet, as part of a deal with Family House, a nonprofit that owns an adjacent property at 233 McKee Place.

“We think this addresses the architectural concerns that were raised at the last meeting regarding a building looming, so to speak, over the Family House site,” said Kevin McKeegan, CA Ventures attorney.

In addition, the developer has reached an agreement in principle with Family House to allow the nonprofit to use excess parking spaces in a proposed parking garage, to help with design costs on a future Family House building at the McKee Place site, and to share the use of a pedestrian passageway intersecting the two sites."

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